Liu Fujie Solo Exhibition: Bone Shards, Snap Course
2023.12.16 - 2024.02.04
Artist: Liu Fujie

Liu Fujie Solo Exhibition: Bone Shards, Snap Course

Text by: Meng Xianhui


"Sculpture," in Chinese, is, in fact, a composite word that brings together the two opposing attributes of this medium – subtracting and adding. Meanwhile, the work of a sculptor often invests time into the material under the premise of feasibility so that the ideas in one’s mind can materialize in the final work. Artistic practice provides an exit to one's imagination while the working process lapses toward addition and subtraction.


"Every object, every form, every matter can be a passage to experience the hollows of world." In her sculptural practice in recent years, Liu Fujie has had a distinct sense of where her practice is headed from using a multitude of materials. Naturally, she tries to condense the scope of language available to focus on subjects of her concerns. Extending her exploration of place, passage, and ways in which the body meets a place in her 2021 solo exhibition“Three Exit Strategies," Liu Fujie's new solo exhibition at CLC Gallery Venture,“Bone Shards, Snap Course," invites viewers to discover their pathways through the scattered works of art, getting a sense of materials’structure and dynamics, and the paths of the artist's imagination through the movement of their eyes and bodies.


"In different ways, hollows, voids or space, as well as objecthood or mass, have infiltrated modern sculpture." Antony Gormley, inShaping the World: Sculpture from Prehistory to Now, discussed the boundaries between internal space and external form with Martin Gayford, who provided several examples to address why the concept of the void has accrue......