The Enlightenment of Biases
2024.07.06 - 2024.08.18
Artist: Huang Bingjie, Pan Lin, Wang Xiaoqu, Wang Xuan, Yao Qingmei, Zhang Yi

The Enlightenment of Biases

By Yao Siqing


Earlier this year, Google AI "Gemini" sparked controversy when its image generation "distorted" historical facts by focusing too much on diversity due to over-emphasizing political correctness. In an era when image generation and its mass dissemination have become more accessible than ever, the discursive structure and power relations behind such production mechanisms and the ensuing discipline and emotional coercion on individuals have emerged and gradually became obvious and thought-provoking. In such an information cocoon of a “post-truth” era, one’s retrieval of valid information and judgment of basic facts are accompanied by obstacles of intentionally obscured information and the inundation of useless information, which would undoubtedly demand the individual to think independently and make valuable judgment. Should we unthinkingly follow the so-called higher and more universal "rules" and "truths" or adhere to the sincerity and limitations of one's "biased" position? In a time when artists are immersed in making their art worlds, they are similar to providers of such biases, who offer opportunities for spectators to reflect on abstract truths. In other words, it is precisely because of the plural existence of artists as individuals today that their production of images provides ways of seeing the world, and their presentation of reality from various angles allows us to briefly stop and re-examine the new significance of "bias" today.


In this exhibition, the works of the six artists are presented equally as products of visual experiences, concepts, and personal emotions, forming a polyphonic field that intends to provide a revelatory meaning of bias through subtle......