Within 5m
2021.05.09 - 2021.06.27
Artists: Fan Xi

Fan Xi: Within 5m


CLC Gallery Venture is pleased to present Fan Xi’s exhibition Within 5m, showcasing a number of recent photographic and cinematic works by the artist. In her long-term practice, Fan Xi explored the profound impact of spatial and psychological distance and the act of distancing on sensorial experience. Working in photography, film, sculpture and installation, she examines the interwoven relationships between everyday experience, the production of fictions, and heterogeneous times.


For the exhibition L’s Living Room in Nuremberg in 2020, Fan Xi presented a large-scale room installation from the series she has developed in recent years. The furniture, books, plants and clocks nurture an eerie domestic environment, summoning the inner experience of actively escaping from linear temporal trajectories. For Within 5m, - the title of which suggests the safety-danger dialectics of distance and touch - Fan Xi returns to the photographic and cinematic aspects of her practice, re-imagines the flat, fictional nature of space, and presents another significant strand from her diverse oeuvre: a nourishment of images. For the Clearing series of photographs, started in 2019, the artist takes a large number of shots of common flowers and lawns from various perspectives. Fan Xi then carries out a laborious digital ‘flower arrangement’ process, by placing elements from more than five hundred images together, against a void, blue background. The faint blue that is in fact the sky of Beijing affirms the surreal nature of the pseudo-botanical study in the foreground: each and every detail of the anonymous flowers and grass from unnoticed corn......