He Wei

1980     Born in Xin Jiang

2005     Graduated from the Sichuan academy of Fine Arts, major in oil painting

Works and lives in Beijing


Solo Exhibitions

2016     “Primary Colour”, C-Space, Beijing

2015     “Contradiction”, Telescope, Beijing

2010     “Place Beyond Touch”, ART SEASONS, Beijing

2005     “He Wei’s solo Exhibition”, Shanghai 1918 Space, Shanghai

Group Exhibitions

2019     “Dual Solo Exhibition of He Wei & Tang Maohong”, ShanghART, Beijing

2019     “A Composite Leviathan”, Luhring Augustine Bushwick, New Youk, US

2019     “Under the sign of the internet-connections and double meanings”, CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing

2018     “The Wind in The Willows”, C-Space+Local, Beijing

2017     “4x3+4x6+1.5x9”, OFF Space, Beijing

2017     “Interpretive Complexity”, Tong Gallery, Beijing

2014     “Summer Discovery, A Thousand Plateaus art space, Chengdu, China

2012     “Cohere & Unroll”, Space Station, Beijing

2011     “Art Seasons 10th Anniversary, ART SEASONS, Singapore

2011     “Made Of Paper”, BEIJING SPACE, Beijing

2011     “Painting”, BEIJING SPACE, Beijing                

2010     “Resonance”, ART SEASONS, Beijing

2009     “New Art Exhibition”, Art Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2008     “Youth China”, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai

2008     “Collection of Red Stone Foundation”, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai

2008     “New Interface IV – Here Comes Spring”, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai

2007     “Huang Piaozhan”, Chongqing Art Gallery, Chongqing, China

2007     “New Interface 3 – Searching the Future”, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai

2006     “New Interface landing of up Generation”, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai

2005     “Foreplay-Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Tank warehouse, Chongqing, China

2005     “A Tale of Tow Cities: Beijing & Chongqing”, Beijing Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing