Henk Visch


  • Henk Visch,Some Are Looking for More,group of 8 figures,H60-90cm,2008
  • Henk Visch,"Once, permanent green" "Once, carmine red" "Once, turquise blue" "Once, ultramarin deep" "Once, cadmium red" "Once, orange light",acrylic on bronze,L 40-50cm H25-83cm,2012
  • Henk Visch,I Was A Man with A Beard,aluminum,H255cm,2008
  • I Was A Man with A Beard, aluminum, H 255cm, 2008
  • Two Birds, A Stone and A Horse, bronze, acrylic paint, H 70cm, 2012
  • Nightlife, aluminum, paint, H 124cm, 2007
  • A young man with future, bronze, paint, H 177cmx130cmx50cm, 2008
  • Once, group of 6, 2012, acrylic on bronze, H 25-83cm
  • Once again, 1992, bronze, H120cm
  • We can disagree but still be friends #3,#4, 2012, metal, H 46cm
  • Some are looking for more (group of 8 figures), 2008, bronze, H60-90cm