"Player's Future"Lao Jiahui
2018.05.19 - 2018.07.08
Artist: Lao Jiahui

Player’s Future

C-Space+Local is delighted to present Lao Jiahui’s solo exhibition, “Player’s Future”, marking the artist’s first
show in the gallery. Comprised of Lao’s 11 recent paintings, these works extend from the artist’s investigation on the aesthetics of 3D computer imaging.


Influenced and shaped by a rich and diverse experience from playing computer games in his childhood, the artist chose to adopt methods of image production from 3D modeling of these games to represent and create objects of life. Lao Jiahui’s sophisticated and labor-intensive drawings and paintings provide form and texture to the objects in his works, for which his paintings reveal a fantastic and familiar bewilderment. This familiarity comes from the irregular and mechanically produced edges of these images, the blurry pixilation, as well as drawing memories from a distant online world. In fact, Lao Jiahui’s works preserve the fading memories of those characteristics of digital images, and with which to play and imagine the world of reality he confronts.


Under the cold color tone, these familiar or even, private icons become the channels that connect the artist and his viewers. The computer assumes the role of a mechanical eye as a result of artificial innovations, and by the same token, the machines are also in the course of reshaping self-perception and sensibilities of human beings.


The future has arrived, and it will soon be forgotten.


Lao Jiahui, born in 1993, Guangdong, China, is a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine art in print-making, who currently lives and works in Beijing. His recent exhibitions include, “Vivre Sans Temps Mort”, Ying Space, Beijing; “Bad New Days Ahead”, Taikang Space, Beijing; “The Latch”, C-Space+Local, Beijing; “Ivy Art: Chinese Young Artists Annual Exhibition”, Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin; “The 4th China Youth Prints Exhibition”, China Prints Art Museum, Shenzhen and etc.